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Bold Ideas meet Information Management




BOLD Information Management is a leading company that uses BIM in all disiplines such as structural, architectural and MEP with its inhouse team. We, as a team of architects and engineers, generate virtual models that consist of design and construction data. We make sure information gets delivered to the right people at the right time. We believe all physical and virtual information requires proper management and delivery.

Information management requires collecting, supervising, protecting and delivering all sorts of data in a system that meets universal standards. This way data is improved, refined and distributed to all the project partners in a methodological way.

BOLD IM aims at planning, organizing, processing, controlling and evaluating all this data and creates a road map for your company. We create value for all the decision making professionals such as architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and operators in the design and construction industry.


Isil Has2.jpg

Erdinç Çiftçi

Architect BA/Founding Partner

Graduated from Yıldız Technical University in 2000. Prior to BOLD, he designed various outstanding projects like Baku Olympic Stadium with 64.000 capacity and 2010 WAF winner Yevlakh Seed Industry Campus in Production, Recycling and Energy category.

Founded BOLD STUDIO in 2013 in Istanbul with Işıl Çiftçi. Has been keen on exploring and implementing latest technologies into his design process in order to digitally coordinate the building prior to construction. Been lecturing and sharing his expertise on BIM methodologies, generative design, parametric objects in design and 5D simulation in Architecture and Construction sectors through seminars, workshops and university courses.

Founded BOLD IM in 2020 for providing information management assistance to our colleagues by creating intelligent models of their designs that contain real time, cost and material data for simulating, testing and optimising the virtual building prior to actual construction.

Işıl Çiftçi
Architect MA/Founding Partner

Graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 2001. Received her Master of Architecture degreee at NJIT on Fulbright Scholarship in 2005. Prior to BOLD, worked as senior designer and project leader in several architectural practices in New York and Istanbul.

Founded BOLD STUDIO in 2013 in Istanbul with Erdinç Çiftçi. Has been employing BIM for design visualization, construction documentation, 3D coordination between various disciplines, cost estimating and energy performance simulations since 2010.

Founded BOLD IM in 2020 for providing information management assistance to our colleagues by creating intelligent models of their designs that contain real time, cost and material data for simulating, testing and optimising the virtual building prior to actual construction.



BOLD is a leading company using BIM system in architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical projects with its highly experienced inhouse team. We ensure to sustain a top quality project design and management process starting from initial concept idea to operational facilities. Our project managers and designers participate and lead in production/fabrication stages until the end of construction.

BOLD aims to enhance the BIM knowledge of its collaborating teams, consultants and colleagues in order to achieve a coherent interdisciplinary BIM mechanism/system in design, construction and operation stages of a building. Based on our open house/studio/source policy; we are happy to share our know-how and expertise with professionals and students of our sector through seminars, workshops and lectures.


At BOLD, we prioritise the way we share information with various actors to close the gap between design and construction, as well as the designer and the engineers. We create smart models by exploring generative design options,  using parametric objects, controling model simulations for clash tests&environmental performance analysis, and finally calculating cost&time for construction and operation. We like to take advantage of most recent technologies where necessary like employing point cloud scans for modeling existing buildings or using robots for fabricating building components for precision and quality purposes.

A BIM Model is the digital twin of the real building; enabling designers&engineers to test contruction loads, wind&snow loads, sismic loads and environmental performance prior to actual construction therefore optimising the design for maximum efficiency.

All information can be produced through BIM models; design visualization, construction documents, construction schedule, bills of quantities&cost, and specifications.

why BOLD?

why bim?


Ercan Airport construction site photographs /2019.

Ercan Airport BIM model / 2017

point cloud1.jpg

Ercan Airport as-built Point Cloud Model superimposed with BIM Model - 2019


Ercan Airport 5D model simulation according to the construction schedule for controlling the whole budget and meeting the financial targets.


Digital fabrication techniques are used for Ercan Airport steel columns produced by robots according to the intelligent BOLD BIM model.

Cloud based BIM project sharing platforms give us a huge range of communication activity like issuing RFIs, assigning issues to involved parties, publishing documents and controlling changes between versions. Cloud based models show all the design modifications in seconds. Our costumers monitor all the design process, discussions and design decisions between disciplines through these platforms. Why do you  limit yourself to only one product,  when there is a chance to see the whole production process?


Munich Hotel Project showing color coded changes between two versions on a cloud based BIM project sharing platform.




19 Mayıs Mah. Gültekin Çıkmazı Sk.
Sardunya Apt. No:3/3 D:1

Kozyatağı, Kadıköy/İstanbul. TR
Tel: +90-216-350 80 00

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